Kia ora, Welcome to Poukawa School

We are a full primary school (that means we have 5 year olds -Year ones - right up to twelve and thirteen year olds -Year eights), 15 minutes south of Hastings or Havelock North, Hawke's Bay.  We have both town and country students going to our school. At present we have a school of 105 pupils. We run our own bus, and this bus picks up most of the kids who go to our school. Some children come by car or bike, and a few walk.

What can Poukawa School offer your child?
We offer programmes of learning in all areas of the New Zealand Curriculum, with an in-depth focus on literacy and numeracy.  We pride ourselves on developing the whole child - academic, social, physical and we especially promote the development of self-esteem in our students:
  • An in-depth knowledge of each individual child
  • A focus on developing strong self esteem
  • A strong sense of belonging to "the Poukawa Family" and strong liaison with families
  • Lower teacher-pupil ratio
  • Very little or no "down time" at the start of the year - straight into learning
  • Very little disruption to the daily core learning programme
  • Four year old mornings once a fortnight for easy transition to school
  • A focus on developing our set of strong values inherent in PSSF, T&H (polite, safe, sensible, friendly, thinking and helpful)
  • Many opportunities for leadership; and the development of leadership skills:  prefects, house captains, technical experts, sports captains, peer mediators & bus monitors
  • Excellent strongly focused teachers implementing the latest teaching methods and ideas using modern equipment ie. computers and iPads in each classroom
  • Excellent learning programmes specifically designed for each child's next step of learning, taking into account special abilities or needs
  • Focused preparation for high school
  • Technology (free bus to Waipawa Technology Centre)
  • Bus transport from town 7.45am and back at 4.00pm - this fits well round parents' work hours
  • Firm reinforcement of core behaviour values with strict boundaries and discipline
A key element of our school ethos is that education here, is a team effort - the child, the home and the school. Together we  nurture learners who will confidently reach for the stars!


Term Dates

Term 1
Monday 30th January - Thursday 13th April.

Term 2
Monday 1st May - Friday 7th July.

Term 3 
Monday 24th July - Friday 29th September.

Term 4
Monday 16th October - Friday 14th December.

Overview of Events in 
Term One

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