Our students can participate in many different sports during the year.  Starting at the beginning of the year, our own triathlon or duathlon allows our students to combine their swimming, cycling and running skills; our elite swimmers go to the HB Primary Schools Interschool Swimming Meet at Frimley Aquatic Centre; volleyball is popular at our school and the Year 7 & 8s compete in the Superleague at Pettigrew Green Arena in Taradale during Term 1; winter sports gear up for Term 2 as does gymnastics; We take part in the Onga Onga 7s tournaments and the Barefoot 7s.  We have two or three netball teams depending on how many players are keen to play; cross country runners go off to the HB Primary Schools Interschool;  kiwi volleyball for Year 5 & 6 is all go in Term 4 and we finish the year with our own athletic sports day.
rugby, league and soccer 
These are all played through clubs in Hastings or CHB.   As the information arrives at school, we send it out to parents so that you can register your children with the club of your choice.

The Junior netball team plays on Thursday afternoons during the winter months.  Our Year 7 & 8 team plays on Wednesday afternoons at the Hastings Sportsground and the Year 5 & 6 team plays on Saturday mornings.

Poukawa Fantails Yr 3,4 &5 Netball            Poukawa Volleyball Team 2013        Poukawa Volleyball team in action
Team 2013

Poukawa Huias yr 3&4 Netball Team

Poukawa Huias Yr 3&4 Netball Team
2014. (absent Madison Warner)