In 2016 we created a New Entrant Transition class.  We recognised that children who have successful Early Childhood experiences enjoy being in an environment that is child centred for learning.  Play based learning is continued as children develop literacy and numeracy through hands on experiences. Children also have a Discovery Learning day every Friday which pushes the boundaries, exposing them to science, music, visual arts and environmental education.

This class begins each year with a small number of children and grows throughout the year. A full time teacher aide supports the teacher in implementing this programme.

Our goal, at this level, is to build children’s confidence and enjoyment of learning and  develop their skills to interact positively with others.

Every second Friday we have a Four Year Old morning when preschool children are invited to attend our Discovery Time programme.  This runs from 9am – 11am and involves hands on learning experiences for children to choose from.



Children at this level are developing their literacy and numeracy skills.  Many are consolidating their decoding skills and learning new strategies to help them understand and enjoy reading and writing.

A continued focus on phonetic skills encourages children to independently read known words and attempt new words.  They are helped to identify patterns in words and understand the sounds that are made when letters are put together.

Students are developing more independence in their learning and are beginning to make their own choices about what they would like to learn together.

Expectations rise as children develop positive relationships of relating to others, participating and contributing in a range of settings, and managing themselves.



The transition into these classes brings with it a significant step in terms of the students using their literacy and numeracy skills as interactive tools for learning across the curriculum.  They increase their level of control and independence and write to convey ideas or opinions, read for enjoyment and information and mathematics for problem solving.

Students are becoming confident users of technology using devices as an everyday tool.

The students at this level are also demonstrating greater degrees of responsibility, self management and positive relationships.



In the senior area of the school we mentor our students in areas of leadership.  This means developing Mana, confidence in themselves and their abilities, and being resilient.  They are exposed to leadership and serving opportunities through our leadership system.  Opportunities as Peer Mediators, Bus Monitors, Prefects, Physical Activity Leaders and service opportunities responsible for supporting junior students, assisting teachers before school each day, recycling and looking after our physical environment.

A focus on student directed learning encourages high expectations, collaboration, risk taking and self management in a supportive environment.   The skills, attitudes and knowledge our seniors develop at Poukawa School equips and prepares them well as they leave for their secondary education.