Whānau Resource Bank

Welcome to the Poukawa School Whānau Resource Bank

On this page you will find a bunch of resources that have been put together by our staff in order for you to be able to support your child at home.

Every couple of weeks this will be updated and each resource will also have a 'target' age / year group that the resource is intended for.

We hope that you find this helpful, builds your own knowledge, and also the Poukawa School - Home partnership.

Resource: Basic Facts Maths Practice

Age and Stage: All students

This website is fantastic for students to practice online, by themselves, their basic facts in maths which are the building blocks for furthering their mathematical knowledge in other areas.

Go to www.prototec.co.nz and you will find the following page (pictured below). Your student chooses either a 'sheet' practice page or a 'timed' practice page. 'Sheet' practice (also pictured below) has all of the questions together, whereas 'timed' shows one question at a time BUT has a 5 second time limit for each question.

The practice pages 'self-mark' so that the student gets instant feedback which is extremely handy and students usually find that they improve significantly using this resource.